NEW: Integrative Yoga for Post-Massage!

Yoga offers a unique blend of unifying your Body, Mind, & Soul so that you can find your center, move mindfully, and live more fully. Bringing yoga into Wellness Lab, there is a focus on functional movement towards decreasing pain and discomfort, and optimal range of motion. Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga strongly influence these sessions.

Especially beneficial after a Clinical or Deep Tissue Massage session, Integrative Yoga is intended to re-educate your toughest areas how to move more efficiently so that the benefits of the massage session are longer lasting. You can take most poses home for self-care between bodywork sessions. Expect to spend up to 30 minutes post-massage moving in and out of yoga postures. Wear comfortable clothing.

A phone call or email prior to your first appointment will be made
in order to discuss your specific concerns.

For a Limited Time, experience this new integration at 25% OFF!

Erin Clyne, LMT    Sunday/Monday/Saturday
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