From Arthritis to Mental Illness: How Massage Therapy Can Help

A recent article in the Massage Therapy Journal summarized the effects of massage therapy in relation to those with 5 common health conditions:

  1. Osteoarthritis,
  2. Type 2 Diabetes,
  3. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia,
  4. Cancer, and
  5. Mood Disorders

Massage Therapy is not just used to affect stress levels or help muscle coordination, but can also help reintroduce touch to those who have been abused or are suffering from PTSD, decrease pain from nerve damage, reduce behavioral issues and aggression, and increase joint ease of mobility.

All of this being said, The Therapist Matters. Not only does the client need to be heard, but appropriate therapy applied, debriefing, and client follow up needs to be a priority. The client’s needs change, therapeutic applications need to be adjusted, and sometimes…even the best therapist isn’t the right therapist.

As a Client, pay attention to Yourself, notice how your body responds to the work the therapist is doing, speak up if it doesn’t feel beneficial, and notice how you feel post-massage.

As a Caretaker, notice how your loved one responds during and after the massage, and if they appear to look forward to future sessions.

~Best wishes, Wellness Lab

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