Spring Unearthed

by Rine Aylar

Spring brings the opportunity to uncover something new and exciting, to dust off and remove that which is no longer relevant, and find ways to brainstorm how I want to live differently. Each year is unique, and I never know what I will find. It can be frustrating because my direction can shift dramatically, leaving those that want to keep me close grasping at empty air.
This year seems unique in a completely different way, though. Instead of shifting external directions, I’m finding that drastic shift internally. I feel like a completely different and, for the first time, whole person. It feels cliche to say it out loud, but completely genuine. I previously felt fragmented, unworthy of claiming my preferred choices, and that all of the positives in my life were not due to anything that I had worked so hard for – they were simply things that happened to…

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