Erin Clyne, LMT

Erin Clyne, LMT



Founder and owner, Erin Clyne, considers herself a lifelong student of Wellness. From being a stuntwoman, dancer, and gymnast to becoming a Bodyworker and Health & Business Coach – she has lived the constant balancing act between performing to the extreme and living the zen life. Moderation is key! The Body-Mind Connection is important to stay in tune with limits and which self care habits need to be enacted to maintain the equilibrium. Discover your unique Wellness-Recipe with Erin.

Erin was the recipient of Cortiva’s David Kawaters scholarship for her clinical skills, as well as academic achievements. Learning is a lifetime goal, and her clients allow her to continually strive to be better and learn more for their benefit.

My primary focus is working with athletic individuals who are looking for injury recovery/prevention, or to optimize their training and performance. Therefore, I incorporate Myofascial techniques in the majority of massage sessions, along with a relaxation element to help the body heal itself. Let me help you walk without low back pain, perfect your throwing arm, or get rid of that nagging feeling in your hip or ankle when you run. Being an athlete myself, you can trust that I can empathize with the high expectations that you have of your body. I look forward to seeing you in the clinic!

~ Erin Clyne, LMT

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