What To Expect

  1. How early should I arrive for a massage?
    • For your first visit, I recommend arriving 10-15mins early to fill out paperwork, and provide time to discuss any ongoing health concerns.
    • For follow-up appointments, I recommend arriving 5mins early to discuss what you would like to focus on for that session.

  2. What if I have questions after the appointment?
    • Please contact me! Either by email, text, or phone call – I am here to help you along your wellness journey.
    • For massage, expect a follow up email from me for the first 1-2 appointments to make sure that your expectations are being met/exceeded.

  3. How long of a Massage should I schedule?
    • If you are interested in a long term, or short term, recovery focus along with a full body massage, I recommend scheduling a 90minute session to allow adequate time to address your concerns.
    • Feel free to contact me to discuss what might be the best option for you.

  4. For a 60min Massage Therapy session, how long am I actually on the massage table?
    • Appointments will go for the entirety of the time reserved, so if you reserved a 60min session starting at 2pm, expect to be on the table until at least 3pm. If you need to leave early, please let me know at the time of arrival.

  5. What should I wear for a Table Thai Massage?
    • Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, such as yoga attire.

  6. What type of payments do you accept?
    • Cash, FSA/HSA cards, Debit, Credit (including Apple Pay)
    • Sales tax is added on Massage Services unless you have a prescription.

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