Contact your practitioner directly on how to best approach

your treatment plan during these times.

Physical Health

Craniosacral Therapy
Release restrictions that may be impacting the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround, protect, and nourish the brain and spinal cord.
~ with Gina Russomano

Massage & Bodywork
Recover and re-educate your body with custom and clinical massage therapy.
*ADD-ONS: Massage Cupping, Reiki, Kinesiology Taping, Acupressure, & Muscle Reintegration*
~ with Erin Clyne

Physical Therapy: Education & Consultation
Find relief from dizziness and balance disorders through education and consultations.
~ with Dr. Jennifer Stoskus

Physical Health + Mental Health

Strengthen your ability to self-heal through the clearing and balancing of chakras.
~ with Erin Clyne, Lindsay Monal & Kat Pearson (womxn-only provider)

Redefine strength, flexibility, and meditation with integrated yoga.
~ with Erin Clyne & Dr. Jennifer Stoskus

Mental Health

Financial Wellness Planning
Helping you create a Financial Plan that grows with you.
~ with Bree Falato

Health Coaching
Discover how to regain joy and motivation for your life through the lens of wholistic wellness.
~ with Erin Clyne

Life Coaching
Make the most of life by making shifts in life balance, goals, creating sustainable change, accountability, and transitions.
~ with Denise Conte

Psychotherapy with Yoga + Mindfulness
Combine Psychotherapy with Yoga practices that can help you re-establish your internal balance.
~ with Larissa Quinn

Business Coaching
Start with the simple questions and logistics to get on your way to your own private practice.
~ with Erin Clyne, Founder