Contact your practitioner directly on how to best approach your treatment plan during these times.

Physical Health

Massage & Bodywork
Recover and re-educate your body with custom and clinical massage therapy.
*ADD-ONS: Massage Cupping, Reiki, Kinesiology Taping, Acupressure, & Muscle Reintegration*
~ with Erin Clyne

Physical Therapy: Education & Consultation
Find relief from dizziness and balance disorders through education and consultations.
~ with Dr. Jennifer Stoskus

Physical Health + Mental Health

Strengthen your ability to self-heal through the clearing and balancing of chakras.
~ with Erin Clyne & Kat Pearson (womxn-only provider)

Redefine strength, flexibility, and meditation with integrated yoga.
~ with Erin Clyne & Dr. Jennifer Stoskus

Mental Health

Financial Wellness Planning
Helping you create a Financial Plan that grows with you.
~ with Bree Falato

Health Coaching
Discover how to regain joy and motivation for your life through the lens of wholistic wellness.
~ with Erin Clyne

Life Coaching
Make the most of life by making shifts in life balance, goals, creating sustainable change, accountability, and transitions.
~ with Denise Conte

Psychotherapy with Yoga + Mindfulness
Combine Psychotherapy with Yoga practices that can help you re-establish your internal balance.
~ with Larissa Quinn

Business Mentoring
Start with the simple questions and logistics to get on your way to your own private practice.
~ with Erin Clyne, Founder