Yoga offers a unique blend of unifying your Body, Mind, & Soul so that you can find your center, move mindfully, and live more fully. Bringing yoga into Wellness Lab, there is a focus on functional movement towards decreasing pain and discomfort, and optimal range of motion.

Yoga Classes & Self Care Guides
Combine Self Massage & Yoga to keep yourself Healthy & Moving At Home

Yoga is integrated into the Practitioner’s primary therapeutic focus. You can typically request this feature as an add-on, or by directly requesting it from your practitioner.

Erin Clyne, LMT
(Vinyasa + Yin Yoga Teacher)

• Clinical Massage with Active & Restorative Muscle Reintegration
• Self Care Consultation with Yoga
• Reiki + Yin Yoga

Dr. Jennifer Stoskus
(Vinyasa Yoga Teacher)

• Yoga integrated with Physical Therapy