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October Massage Awareness Month

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New Clients
For New October Clients, your second Massage is $20 Off
any regularly priced appointment!
(Valid for redemption through January 2018)

Referral Discount BONUS
If you refer a friend and they come in for a Massage within the Month of October,
you get double the discount!
$20 Off for Each Referral
Plus, Referrals get the New Client Discount


Ayurveda with Lindsey

Two Deals!!

#1. Ayurveda Wellness Assessment Package
$150 (save $50)

  • Two sessions:
    Intake Consultation (75 minutes) and Follow up (45 minutes)
  • Personalized Wellness Plan that respects your lifestyle, schedule, and dietary restriction.Your plan will include things like:
    • Personalized recommendations to implement into your daily routine that will encourage self-care and pacify your imbalance(s)
    • Food and lifestyle recommendations – what’s hot and what’s not for your constitution
    • Dietary tips to bellow your digestive fire and support your ability to assimilate nutrients
    • Yoga postures and breathing exercises that you can practice at home to promote balance, healing, and restful sleep.
    • Dosha balancing goodies


#2. Ayurveda Wellness Coaching Program
$700 (save $150)

  • 6 private coaching sessions (two 60 minute sessions per month)
  • Your personalized approach to balance
  • Seasonal meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists based on your unique constitution, set of imbalances, and state of digestion
  • Guided meditations, personalized dosha-balancing yoga and pranayama, nourishing self-care practice guides
  • Unlimited email support between sessions

Integrative Yoga 25% OFF

For a Limited Time Only
Now that I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher, I’m bringing Yoga into the clinic! It’s great to change tissue quality, but teaching you how to use your body to avoid the habitual tension patterns is even better.
Especially beneficial after a Clinical or Deep Tissue Massage session, Integrative Yoga is intended to re-educate your toughest areas how to move more efficiently so that the benefits of the massage session are longer lasting. You can even take most poses home for self-care between bodywork sessions. Expect to spend up to 30 minutes post-massage moving in and out of yoga postures, and please remember to wear comfortable clothing.

30 minute add-on = $30, for a limited time

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