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Two Deals!!

#1. Ayurveda Wellness Assessment Package
$150 (save $50)

  • Two sessions:
    Intake Consultation (75 minutes) and Follow up (45 minutes)
  • Personalized Wellness Plan that respects your lifestyle, schedule, and dietary restriction.Your plan will include things like:
    • Personalized recommendations to implement into your daily routine that will encourage self-care and pacify your imbalance(s)
    • Food and lifestyle recommendations – what’s hot and what’s not for your constitution
    • Dietary tips to bellow your digestive fire and support your ability to assimilate nutrients
    • Yoga postures and breathing exercises that you can practice at home to promote balance, healing, and restful sleep.
    • Dosha balancing goodies


#2. Ayurveda Wellness Coaching Program
$700 (save $150)

  • 6 private coaching sessions (two 60 minute sessions per month)
  • Your personalized approach to balance
  • Seasonal meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists based on your unique constitution, set of imbalances, and state of digestion
  • Guided meditations, personalized dosha-balancing yoga and pranayama, nourishing self-care practice guides
  • Unlimited email support between sessions