Become a Practitioner

Building a Community is about inspiring and strengthening each other, mutual understanding, and opportunity. I hope that you find your home here, and that we can work together to maintain these pillars.

Now, on to the logistics…

Part-time membership options allow you to grow your practice as you see fit. A live calendar link through Resource Guru will be provided so that you can see when a room is available and reserve that time slot. You can also schedule recurring time blocks so that your clients have a sense of regularity.

A full list of pricing options will be provided before you join so that you can map out your best path for success.

What’s Included:

Membership Features
* Requested time blocks on a first-come-first-served basis
* Online access to the Room Calendar: Reservation hours are 7am-8:30pm
* Ability to pay for reservations online
* Wait list options, in case a practitioner cancels a previous reservation
* Profile and link to your information on Wellness Lab’s website
* Social media promotion
* Member activity opportunities: Networking events, Business brainstorming sessions, Business mentoring, Business classes presented by guest speakers, Collaborative marketing events, & more…

* Access to the Common Areas during unscheduled hours
* Massage Tables in the large clinic rooms
* Yoga mats, blocks, belts, and bolsters are available for use
* Wait room with a couch and access to water
* Each room has a Bluetooth enabled speaker
* Community sink, and easily accessible restrooms
* ADA accessible

Interested in Joining?

Please fill out the information below, and I will be in touch!