Become a Practitioner

Building a Community is about inspiring and strengthening each other, mutual understanding, and opportunity. I hope that you find your home here, and that we can work together to maintain these pillars.

Now, on to the logistics…

There are hourly, monthly, and combination options to allow you to grow your practice as you see fit. A live calendar link through Resource Guru will be provided so that you can see when a room is available and reserve that time slot. You can also schedule recurring time blocks so that your clients have a sense of regularity.

A full list of pricing options will be provided before you join so that you can map out your best path for success.

What’s Included:

Membership Features
* Requested time blocks on a first-come-first-served basis
* Online access to the Room Calendar: Reservation hours are 7am-8:30pm
* Ability to pay for reservations online
* Wait list options, in case a practitioner cancels a previous reservation
* Profile and link to your information on Wellness Lab’s website
* Social media promotion
* Member activity opportunities: Networking events, Business brainstorming sessions, Business mentoring, Business classes presented by guest speakers, Discounted marketing events, & more…

* Access to the Common Areas during unscheduled hours
* Massage Tables in the large clinic rooms
* Yoga mats, blocks, belts, and bolsters are available for use
* Wait room with a couch and access to water
* Each room has a Bluetooth enabled speaker
* Community sink, and easily accessible restrooms
* ADA accessible

Interested in Joining?

Please fill out the information below, and I will be in touch!