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May is Mobility Month

Discounted Mobility Mondays
+ Up To 20% OFF!

with Dr. Jen & Erin
Monday May 6th, 13th, & 20th
5-8 pm

30 minute mobility sessions
with Dr. Jen for $30
Bring your receipt from either Dr. Jen or Erin, and get up to 20% OFF of the other’s services!*
(details below)

Purchase a 30-min session, & receive 10% OFF a service with the other practitioner
Purchase a 60-min session (or more) , & receive 20% OFF with the other practitioner
*Discount is limited to one-use only between May-August 2019. Recipient must present a valid receipt.
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Need more than a 30-minute session with Dr. Jen?
– If you sign-up for a $30 Mobility Monday Session and require a more extensive evaluation, take that $30 off an Initial Evaluation through the end of August
– Can’t make a Mobility Monday Special time? E-mail Dr. Jen to find a time that works for you.


Spring Unearthed

by Rine Aylar

Spring brings the opportunity to uncover something new and exciting, to dust off and remove that which is no longer relevant, and find ways to brainstorm how I want to live differently. Each year is unique, and I never know what I will find. It can be frustrating because my direction can shift dramatically, leaving those that want to keep me close grasping at empty air.
This year seems unique in a completely different way, though. Instead of shifting external directions, I’m finding that drastic shift internally. I feel like a completely different and, for the first time, whole person. It feels cliche to say it out loud, but completely genuine. I previously felt fragmented, unworthy of claiming my preferred choices, and that all of the positives in my life were not due to anything that I had worked so hard for – they were simply things that happened to…

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Wellness Writings

Community Love Note

I would like to shout out to the world how amazing collaborating within a community can feel when we each take ownership, responsibility, and pride in what we call our own – our calling. It can be easy to fall into the trap of going to a job, getting into a routine, losing inspiration and motivation. When you work alongside a great group of like-minded people, you’re excited to spend your breaks decompressing with them, excited to brainstorm, excited to make what you’re building together something bigger. The idea of creating an impact can be intoxicating. Working alongside these inspirational leaders makes the idea of accomplishing something bigger so much easier to fathom, to work towards, to take the steps towards something you never thought possible before. We each bring a different perspective, we cheer each other on, we lift each other up. So much love for this journey!
Erin Clyne, LMT

Wellness Writings

Taking Responsibility

by Rine Aylar

It’s very easy to say that you take responsibility for your life, and then add a caveat that you haven’t reached your goals because some event happened. We can go there, but let’s start smaller first: Be honest with yourself.

It’s extremely hard to admit that you’re standing in the way of your own happiness. Sometimes you don’t want to admit that bingeing a TV show is more enjoyable to you than going out and starting that project that you say you’ve wanted to finish for years now. It’s okay to have TV as a priority, it just doesn’t have to be the only priority. Learning how to identify how things rank in your life will help you to satisfy each aspect of your personality and life goals. Know what matters to you, how it satisfies what you need in life, and how quickly you need or want it to happen. It can be as soon as this moment, or years down the road. Just identify its importance to you.

Knowing how your environment affects your mental state can be the key to unlocking your progress. If you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning because your light blocking shades are confusing your circadian rhythm, if your friends or family dismiss what you say or want to do, if you’re strapped for money…the list goes on. And this list can consist of such minute distractions when said out loud, but have a profound impact on the internal dialogue that we use to convince ourselves not to take action towards the life that we want.

That being said, notice how you talk to yourself. Take responsibility for the words you are choosing to tell yourself. If you continue dismissing yourself, is it because you don’t even believe that you could accomplish this dream? Change your words, identify stepping stones that can get you to where you want to be, take them. It’s okay if your course of action changes as long as you’re honest with yourself about why it’s changing. Sometimes what we thought we wanted was based on a misconception. Self-correct and identify the qualities that attracted you to that goal, and see if you can adjust towards a goal that better aligns with those realistic attributes.

Know how you feel when you are happy – or at the very least happ-ier. Remind yourself of those qualities on a daily basis. By doing this, you’ll be better able to identify triggers that distract you from being that happy person that you enjoy being…and I’m sure that other people prefer to be around. Are there extraneous activities that are stunting this emotion? Can you minimize or completely remove these activities from your life? Streamline your life so that your activities align with your goals. There will be times when there are temporary unpleasant situations that can help you get closer to your goals, just make sure that it is only temporary. It’s very easy to get stuck in something because you lose momentum. Keep reaching for that next step.

Again, be honest with yourself. Are you in a situation longer than you would like simply because you haven’t learned the lessons to get you to the next step? This is not about immediate gratification. Invest your time and energy. Enjoy the process, because if you don’t like the necessary little things – you likely won’t like the bigger picture. Know what you can compromise with, and what are hard No’s for you. Take responsibility for those choices. If necessary, change your course.

Identify positives in your life that you may be interpreting as negatives. More expectations at work? Maybe your boss is entrusting these tasks to you in order to prepare you for a promotion, to test whether you’re ready, or if you simply prefer to complain. If it’s too much, communicate. If they say too bad, then identify an adjusted timeline for completion, and so forth.

If any relationship (including the one with yourself) is encouraging increased negative self-talk, communicate how you’re feeling, try to identify why one or both of your approaches may be resulting in negativity, and go from there. Not everyone is able to effectively or positively resolve conflicts. Be kind. Know yourself. Observe. Be honest. Do what you need to do for yourself in order to allow yourself to choose happiness, as well as ownership for who you are today.

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April News & Events

Spring is here and, as Practitioners, we’re really focusing on self-growth to bring you better services with a wholistic focus. Keep in touch via Instagram to see what we’re up to!
Meanwhile, here are group activities that you can participate in with us
& we’re looking to add more!

Tuesday, April 9th

with Acuworx, Jalpa, & Leah

What does Abundance and Success look like to you?
More opportunities for career growth? Abundance with love and relationships?

When we find ourselves striving for the next level in our lives and we just can’t get there, it’s most likely a block in our subconscious beliefs and energy field.
Acuworx is excited to join Jalpa Dhaduk and Leah Crescenzo for a powerful, experiential night where the ancient technologies of Acupuncture meet the power of Reiki and Hypnosis. Clear blockages and help create the abundance and success you’ve always desired.

The Power of Three is a powerful combination that helps clear blockages quickly and with ease.
Prepare for the Event:Please arrive by 7:00 PM to check in. Event starts promptly at 7:15 PM
Please wear/bring loose clothing and a yoga mat. Removal of shoes is required during session.

Wednesday, April 24th

with Nicole Martin

Lit @ the Lab continues this April with an Inspired Wellness Discussion on the topic of surrender. If the words, “I just don’t think I can let this go,” have ever crossed your mind or surrendering feels more like a chain than freedom, then this event may expand your viewpoint. Explore the concept of surrendering from a place of power and refining one’s heart, mind, and soul.
Accompanying this discussion is Her Art of Surrender, A Collection of Stories About Letting Go of the Past and Embracing the Soul. 
*Reading this book is not required prior to joining the discussion*

Seating is limited so please RSVP early to save your spot. 
Option 1 with a suggested donation $5-10 to cover room costs.
Purchase Option 2 by Friday April 12th to ensure delivery prior to event.

Sunday, April 28th

with Hoboken Girl

Wellness Lab will be at the
Downtown Hub @ Birch!

Join us for our 3rd annual Wellness Crawl, an event celebrating health + wellness throughout Hoboken, Jersey City, and beyond. The Hoboken Wellness Crawl is similar to a bar crawl format, but is promoting self-care and wellness for Hudson County residents.

As a crawler, you’ll spend the day exploring all of the holistic, fitness, beauty, and wellness businesses that Hoboken and its surrounding areas have to offer — at your leisure!