Career/Personal Development

Nicole Martin Monday & Wednesday-Friday
$0   – 45min Mindful Exploration
$33 – 45min Moving Toward Mindfulness
$88 – 60min Mindful Movement
$55 – 30min 1:1 Coaching
$99 – 60min 1:1 Coaching

$375 – (8) 30min Mindful Mentor sessions
$777 – (10) 60min Mindful Movement sessions
$888 – (10) 45min Stop Surviving & Start Living sessions


Personal Development Coaching connects you back to what you most value. It’s about experimenting and playing with what’s possible in your life, and then holding you accountable for making step-changes. It can be overwhelming to balance it all – a demanding job, family obligations, time for yourself, and then staying healthy on top of all that. Either something gets dropped to accommodate more of another, or you’re going through the motions just to check off each box.

Career Development Coaching is approached with two viewpoints: an assessment of both specific and transferable skills and experience, followed by guided self-reflection to identify your own needs and values.  Having these data points, we bridge the gap between the two, and then co-create an achievable action plan for success.

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