Yoga offers a unique blend of unifying your Body, Mind, & Soul so that you can find your center, move mindfully, and live more fully. Bringing yoga into Wellness Lab, there is a focus on functional movement towards decreasing pain and discomfort, and optimal range of motion. Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga are practiced at the Lab. You can also request this service in addition to Massage & Bodywork to re-integrate new found muscle tone.

Private Yoga
(Prices vary by practitioner)
Practice with Erin or Dr. Jen

Integrate Yoga & Massage
Erin Clyne, LMT    Saturday/Sunday/Monday
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Integrative Yoga – $50

Especially beneficial after a Clinical or Deep Tissue Massage session, Integrative Yoga is intended to re-educate your toughest areas how to move more efficiently so that the benefits of the massage session are longer lasting. You can take most poses home for self-care between bodywork sessions. Expect to spend up to 30 minutes post-massage moving in and out of yoga postures. Wear comfortable clothing.

A phone call or email prior to your first appointment will be made in order to discuss your specific concerns.