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August News: Midsummer Break + Big News!

I am officially half-way through my grad school program! So, I’m going to take a much-needed vacation from August 1st-6th. All will be dark on my end except for Group Distance Reiki on Wednesday morning.

In preparation for the next term, my appointment schedule will be shifting slightly as noted below. And if you haven’t seen this noted on the website yet…

I am NOT currently accepting NEW Bodywork clients.
I AM accepting NEW Virtual Wellness clients.

WHAT?! That’s correct. With the high demand, I wanted to ensure that I was able to continue my valued partnerships with my existing clientele. While maintaining my same bodywork client-load and quality, I’m also able to add availability for virtual wellness services. Onward and Upward!


  • Bodywork: Sunday/Monday/Wednesday
  • Virtual Wellness: Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday

And Here’s the Brand NEW Fully Virtual Wellness Booking Platform
NEW Clients Welcome!

Now Booking Both Group & 1:1 Appointments

• Health & Wellness Coaching
• Business Coaching
• Clinical Stretching
• Distance Reiki
• Group Distance Reiki
• Group Yin Yoga + Reiki

Yin Yoga + Reiki
Virtual Class

Shifting to Thursdays @ 7:30-8:30pm
Beginning August 12th

First class FREE with code WLWELCOME

Deals & Discounts

50% OFF Virtual Health Coaching Packages
…for now…

Save up to $480
code BEWELL21

Get 50% OFF an already discounted 3-month Package, but only a limited number are available! That breaks down to as little as $40/coaching session. 🌞
Whether you’re pursuing overall health, work/life balance, nutrition, or athletic peak performance – you’ll find a partner in me.

FREE 1st Group Session
 As a Thank You for your loyalty and to welcome you to this offering, I invite all of you to a complimentary first session of your choosing.

Virtual sessions are time dependent, but the Distance Healing can be beneficial in any state you happen to be in. I just need your permission to work with your energy.

Simply use code:
at checkout

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July News: Summer Special & Hormone Regulation via Food

Back In Full Swing!

First of all, I want to thank you for your support and loyalty during this pandemic. It’s been a wild ride, but because of you I know that Wellness Lab is something special. While I am currently still adhering to COVID safety protocols, business is back to its pre-COVID levels. Phew!

Why the safety precautions still? Because myself and other practitioners are either seeing clients on a prescription basis or are doctors. So, I’m following doctors’ office protocols. While it may seem like an inconvenience, it maintains that I am keeping everyone’s health at top of mind.

My current appointment schedule through the end of August is:

  • Clinic: Saturday/Monday/Tuesday
  • Virtual: Saturday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

And in case you didn’t know, you can book an appointment with me up to 30 days in advance through MassageBookOnce you login to your account you can:

  • Schedule and reschedule/cancel (up to 24 hours in advance)
  • If you purchase account credit or service packages, you can also use and check your balance through this platform unless you are sharing the credit with another client.
  • Simply create/manage your account through this email that I’m contacting you at. If you try to access it via another account you won’t be able to access your credit or appointment history.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to continuing to partner with you on your Wellness Journey!

Bodywork Pricing effective 8/1/2021

(subject to tax without a prescription)
30-minutes = $70
60-minutes = $135
90-minutes = $195

Due to high demand, my Bodywork pricing will be increasing effective August 1st. Having been on a multi-week wait-list recently, I am aiming to balance demand and the customized and personal experience that you’ve come to expect from me. In order to receive a similar pricing experience, you can purchase account credit at 10% OFF with a minimum $435 purchase effective 8/1/21 as well. The promotional value is valid up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

50% OFF Health Coaching Packages…for now…

If you’re rejoining the conversation after some time away, you’ll notice that I’ve been busy pursuing a Master’s degree in Health & Human Performance…in other words, it’s a Master’s in Health & Wellness Coaching focusing on integrating Eastern & Western medicine. Whether you’re pursuing overall health, work/life balance, nutrition, or athletic peak performance – you’ll find a partner in me.

I’m primarily focusing on these offerings in a Virtual setting via Zoom, so you can benefit wherever in the world we happen to be. Below you’ll find a coupon code to get 50% OFF an already discounted 3-month Package, but only a limited number are available! That breaks down to as little as $40/coaching session. 🌞 If you missed the first month FREE opportunity, you don’t want to miss this one. Save up to $480 with code BEWELL21.

Prefer to chat before committing?
Simply book a Complimentary Wellness Discovery Chat!

FREE 1st Group Session

As a Thank You for your loyalty and to welcome you to this offering, I invite all of you to a complimentary first session of your choosing.

Virtual sessions are time dependent, but the Distance Healing can be beneficial in any state you happen to be in. I just need your permission to work with your energy.

 Simply use code:
at checkout

What is Yin Yoga?
Yin yoga targets the fascial chains that I often work with during bodywork sessions, so it’s a complementary offering! The practice involves holding easy poses, often on the ground, for 3-5 minutes each in order to allow the deeper connective tissues to relax and have sustainable change. This practice is great for chronic tension and postural imbalances.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is energy healing that can be done in close proximity or via intentional distance healing. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and we and everything around us are made of energy. Therefore, we are all connected whether we can see the tethers or not. Energy is known by many names throughout different cultures: ki, qi, prana, chi, vim, life force, vitality, etc. Reiki is utilized in a variety of instances such as for those in cancer treatmentthose suffering from PTSD, as well as healthy individuals to help find balance and clarity.

Hormone Regulation via Food

Have you heard of intermittent fasting? What about its cousin Early Time Restricted Eating (eTRE)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🍳 If you’ve tried regulating your body through intermittent fasting and didn’t find reliable results…there’s a reason. Studies have shown that many intermittent fasters choose to skip breakfast since it’s much more common to have social dinners. The problem is that it’s working against your body’s natural clock and hormone schedules.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🌞 In comes eTRE which works WITH your body clock. It also encourages eating very similarly to age-old philosophies of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is not about restriction of food, but about timing of food to sync when you would best put these nutrients to use. 🕰 …Even better, it’s been shown to aid in diabetes management, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, AND decrease body fat while sustaining muscle mass.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Generally speaking, it encourages keeping your meals sometime between 7am-7pm. This can shift depending on the season and your specific environment and needs. Interested in learning more? I’d love to introduce this topic to you!

Simply book a complimentary
Wellness Discovery Chat

Women Entrepreneurs of New Jersey Events

Next Networking Event on July 7th!
Meets every other week
First event FREE with code “WECguest21”
$25 per quarter thereafter
Next quarterly Collaboration event on Wednesday, July 14th!
Business survey due July 10th to receive all of the event perks

Thanksgiving Weekend Savings with Erin Clyne, LMT

It’s Finally Here! The Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday Deal through November 30th is now available for purchase!

The Thanksgiving Weekend Deal is valid for ALL purchases of Virtual* and Hands-on Services with Erin Clyne, LMT.

*If you would like to use a portion of your deal for a group class or event, please message me directly to apply your credit.

Scroll down to get your Savings Code…

A Special Thank You

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday…
Might as well make it a Weekend Event!

As a token of appreciation, get 15% OFF
Gift Certificates for Account Credit
up to $75 OFF!

 Save NOW through Cyber Monday. The discounted savings are valid for up to a year from the date of purchase, and the actual value is valid up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

We’d love to continue sharing the Wonders of Wellness with You!

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October Autumn Wellness Highlights

Hoboken Girl’s Wellness Crawl
Only 2 Weeks Left to Save!

Today is the last day to purchase your Wellness Crawl ticket to save on sessions with both Erin & Larissa!

Along with savings from (so many) local businesses, you can get freebies & win raffle prizes! Check out the savings that we’re offering at Wellness Lab:

25% OFF Services

  • Virtual 60min Psychotherapy session with Larissa
  • Virtual 60min Psychotherapy + Yoga session with Larissa
  • Virtual 30min Self Care Consultation with Erin
  • 30min or 60min Distance Reiki with Erin
  • 90min Massage with Erin
  • 60min Reiki + Yin Yoga with Erin

Get your ticket for access to the Passcode!

Psychiatry with Dr. Vinod Suresh

Mental health has been pushed to the forefront as we navigate these times of COVID. There are conversations using the term “pre-COVID” and all of the concessions that we have to make with ourselves and others. It’s important to recognize how we can cope so that we can start living among these changes, while still looking with hope towards the future.

Dr. Vinod Suresh offers both Psychotherapy and medication management via Telehealth appointments so that you can meet your mental health needs. Request a free 10min consultation and book an appointment by email,
or call (551) 233-9003

Giveaway Alert!

Keep a look out for details on how you can score a giveaway of fitness, wellness, and hydration!

We’ve partnered up with two local businesses to help you continue to find your balance and connect with the community. Find out more at the links below!

• Sustain Your Fitness with Clair •
• Wellness Lab with Erin •
• Vibal Energy Tea •

Announcement via Instagram & Facebook. Follow at the links below!

Massage Awareness Week
October 25th-31st

Massage is beyond a luxury. It has been shown to aid both physical and mental health whether for 15 minutes or 90 minutes.

Why are sessions offered in as little as 15 minutes? These sessions are geared more for acute injuries such as an ankle strain which is a relatively small joint and affected area. For issues regarding the neck, I usually recommend at least a 30min session since it usually also involves the chest and shoulders – possibly even into the low back.

Why would you schedule a 90min appointment? Often our physical tension is related to our mental tension and we need additional time for the brain to register that it’s time to relax in order to let the muscles release. It can also be for those who perform rigorous exercise or long computer work days that accumulate muscle mass or tension that takes a bit longer to respond and retain the change that we’re looking for. Most often, if you’re looking for a full body massage and you want to address a specific complaint, I recommend a 90min appointment.

Check out some brief handouts on how massage can benefit you below:

Massage & Physical Health
Massage & Mental Health

In Good Health,
Erin Clyne, LMT


Virtual Happenings + Healing at a Distance

Join us Virtually or at a Distance for these great events and classes!

Get your tickets for this year’s Virtual Wellness Crawl!

  • Support your local community
  • 30 days of discounted Wellness services/shopping/classes
  • Participating members of Wellness Lab include Erin & Larissa!
    • Discounts & Giveaway for Massage, Reiki, & Consultation services
    • Discounts & Giveaway for Psychotherapy + Yoga services

Virtual Stretch classes
Tuesdays @ 8am

Distance Reiki Healing
Alternating Wednesdays @ 7:30am
1st & 3rd Sundays @ 10:30am